It’s not uncommon to get some damage to wood in your home. Maybe a door jamb gets chipped or broken when you move the refrigerator. Or a roof leak damaged a section of your crown molding. You need wood replacement done, and Ken Lane Painting can do it for you.

Wood repair can preserve various structural elements of your architecture. Perhaps you have a column on your porch that has a split or chunk of wood missing. Wood filler or epoxy will make a strong repair, and can be done so that it can be stained or painted to match the rest of the structure.

Sometimes, part of the fascia of your home may be damaged, perhaps from a tree branch. Ken Lane Painting can replace the wood and paint it out so that it looks like new.

Your deck may need repair, too. We’ll check your deck and find any rotted planks that need to be replaced. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your deck by several years.

Call Ken Lane Painting for an estimate on your wood replacement.