Pressure washing can make a big difference in the quality of your exterior paint job. Removal of all of the dirt and cobwebs from the siding and soffits of your building is crucial to a healthy paint job.

But, there are a lot more uses of pressure washing! With Ken Lane Painting, you can get pressure washing to clean your cedar shakes in preparation for fresh stain. Or, perhaps your security fence needs to be cleaned. Power washing your fence will remove mold and mosses, and prepare the wood for protective stain.

The same treatment benefits your wooden deck. Every two or three years, you should have your wooden deck cleaned ant water-proofed. A good pressure washing will knock the dirt out of the grains of the wood, leaving them ready to absorb new stain or paint. This helps to preserve your outdoor spaces, making them last for years longer than they would without upkeep.

Remember, too, that your roof needs maintenance. Many people have their roof pressure washed to keep debris from accumulating. As leaves and dirt accumulate on your roof, they hold moisture against it. You’ve probably noticed this around chimneys and eaves. This hastens the decay of the shingles that are covered up, and damages any siding that has debris piled up against it.

Others parts of your home and landscaping also benefit from pressure washing. Your gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year, and your sidewalks and pavers should be maintained, free from moss that might make them slippery.

Ken Lane Painting can do your pressure washing. Give us a call, and we’ll be glad to give you an estimate.