When you need interior painting for your Hampton Roads home, Ken Lane Painting is the contractor you need. You’ll find that interior painting requires care and an eye for detail, and with Ken Lane, you get the best service.


The preparation before painting is crucial to a satisfactory finished product. Your ceilings and floors will probably be masked off, at least to a certain degree. Your floor may be covered entirely. Crown molding will be protected as well.

Areas that have been damaged by mold and mildew will need to be thoroughly cleaned, and then primed with a stain blocker. The stain blocker will also seal the drywall, preventing the spores from escaping into the room.


If mildew and mold are a problem, as well. Your painter will do what he needs to do to kill the spores. In some cases, he may need to replace a section of drywall. With Ken Lane Painting, the painters will replace the drywall, and texture it to match the rest of the walls in the room. Then, priming and painting will make your walls like new!


Our painters have plenty of experience with different wall textures, room sizes, and lighting situations. All of these variables can affect the appearance of a room after the painting is finished. The difference from one shade to another shade in the same color range can make a significant difference on the appearance of your finished room.

Let Ken Lane Painting give you some ideas. Perhaps you want to go with a shade lighter than the wall color for the ceiling. Or, maybe high gloss paint would be best for your kitchen cabinets, rather than semi-gloss. Flat paint doesn’t always work very well in heavy traffic areas, but could be a winner in a master bedroom. Let your painter help you with decisions like this, and you’ll find that you get expert help along with excellent service.


High quality products make a difference in the appearance of your interior painting. Paint with the right mixture of ingredients will flow smoothly and level itself out. Brush marks will disappear, and runs will not be a problem. Homeowners who buy their paint at the home improvement store often buy budget brands that use different fillers. These paints run more easily and fade quickly.


There is an aspect of interior painting that is often overlooked. That is household pets. Hopefully, you will be able to contain your pets so that there is no danger of them getting loose. However, we understand that there are times when that is impossible. Our painters will keep an eye on pets, so that they don’t sneak out the door during all of the activity.

You don’t have to worry about your kids, either. We maintain professional decorum at all times, so you don’t have to worry about vulgarity or inappropriate behavior.