Exterior painting requires plenty of attention to detail. When Ken Lane Painting is on the job, you can be sure that prep work, painting, and clean up is done thoroughly.


Outside painting must be done on clean, dry surfaces. This means that siding, eaves, fascia, and soffits to be painted must be power washed. It also means that any loose paint will be scraped off. Old paint tends to bubble and flake, and must be removed from the surface. If you paint over it, it will just come loose from the siding and flake off, taking the new paint with it. Cobwebs, dirt, and other debris must also be removed. Paint is not an adhesive, and if you paint over this debris, it will soak up the paint and fall off, leaving a marred paint job behind.

Once the surfaces are clean and dry, they need to be primed. This will help the paint to stick to the surface better, and prevent bleed-through of any stains.

Caulking must be checked, as well. In many cases, caulk is just fine. But, if it has dried out, it will shrink and allow water to seep in under window sills and around doors.  This, of course, will damage the interior walls of your home, and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Ken Lane Painting will cut out the old caulk and replace it so that your finished paint job will be water-tight and durable.

Masking will be the final step before painting actually begins. If brick or windows need to be masked off, it will be done just before the exterior painting is done. This will not only protect the surfaces you don’t want painted, it will contribute to a crisp, clean line.


The difference between a Ken Lane paint job and one you may receive from another painter is the quality of products. Ken Lane uses only the best products, once you approve them. Budget paints have fillers and extenders in them that reduce the longevity of the paint. It may cost less to paint at the outset, but you’ll have to repaint sooner.

The extenders and fillers in paint make it flow well without dripping. This is crucial for full coverage. It is also important for the overall longevity of the paint. Paint with a cheap extender, for instance, may get chalky looking after a couple of years. Cheap fillers will make the paint go further, but will make it flake and bubble. Quality paint will be durable for years to come, and keep its fresh appearance.


Your landscaping often suffers when you have contractors at your home. It’s not uncommon to see broken shrubbery, trampled flower beds, and paint splatters on your curbing and sidewalks. With Ken Lane Painting, you won’t have those problems. You’ll find that we carefully place our ladders around landscaping as much as possible to avoid damage. We’ll spread drop cloths over decking and landscaping features to protect them from drips and spills. We also clean up after ourselves every day, and when we finish, you’ll be happy with the results. Not only that, we do our best to make sure that your pets don’t get out of the yard.