Your exterior deck needs to be taken care of to make it last. The deck should be pressure washed probably once a year, and re-stained or painted every 3 years or so.

Without regular maintenance, your deck can start to deteriorate. You may have noticed that most exterior decks are built with a little bit of a gap between each of the boards. This is deliberate, and allows water to run off of the deck so that nothing starts to rot.

However, if debris piles up, it will keep water from draining off of your deck. It will also trap moisture between the boards and make them rot. A yearly pressure washing will blow out the debris and dirt so that your deck can continue to shed water.

You may also need your deck refinished. If you start getting splinters on your deck, you probably need to have it cleaned and sanded. Then, the boards need to be sealed with either stain or paint. Otherwise, moisture will saturate the imperfections, and the freeze-thaw cycle will break up the boards, causing splinters.

Ken Lane Painting can make it all right again. Call us for an estimate, and we’ll let you know how to extend the lifetime of your deck.