Did the kids get a little rambunctious and knock a hole in their bedroom wall? Or, maybe the shower leaked and the drywall around the tub is mildewed. Call Ken Lane Painting, and we’ll come and repair your drywall.

In some cases, all the wall needs is a skillful repair. This sometimes happens if a towel bar gets pulled out of the wall. In this case, the drywall can be patched. However, the spot will still need to be textured and painted out to match the rest of the wall.

It’s the same with larger repairs. We may need to cut a section of drywall out, or replace an entire sheet. You don’t have to find a contractor to come in and do this work – we’ll do it for you. And, we texture and paint the wall, too, so that it looks like there was never any damage.

Another benefit you get when you call Ken Lane is a clean worksite. We clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to! We won’t leave you with a mess – only a great new wall.