In 1972, Ken Lane founded Ken Lane Painting with the same guiding principles that have brought us success for over 40 years.

  1. We will always put our integrity above profitability on every job. Our family has been living here in Tidewater for several generations and we are raising our children here. Our reputation and legacy will always mean more to us than a fast buck.
  2. We will spend the time necessary to properly prepare your project before we paint it. The prep job is what separates the true professionals from the masses of typical painters. Anyone can use the best products and dress in fine uniforms but the key to a great paint job which lasts is the hours spent properly preparing every surface before paint is ever applied. Sanding, cleaning, caulking, drywall/plaster repair, filling holes and imperfections are all just a part of making sure your job is done right the first time. And we ALWAYS do our best to leave your home at least as clean as we found it.
  3. We will only allow people to work with us who are true professionals and dedicated to our same ideals. We have always taken our customers’ trust very seriously; therefore, we are quite discreet about who we hire. After all, if we wouldn’t trust someone to practice the most meticulous professionalism and trust in our own home, we certainly aren’t going to trust them in yours!
  4. We will always try to exceed your expectations. Yes, we are well aware that there have been many other painting companies over the last several years that have come (and gone!) who do things faster or cheaper or flashier…and we don’t care. To us, there’s only one way to stay in business as long as we have and that is to keep our customers completely satisfied and give them the most value for their investment.

Today, Ken Lane Painting is a fully insured and licensed Virginia state contractor that still proudly serves Hampton Roads. We’ve never had a big marketing campaign. We’ve never changed our name. We’ve never abandoned our original guiding principles. And while we are constantly updating our methods & recommended products, we will never change our #1 goal- totally satisfied and happy customers!